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What good is a medical marijuana card when rec sales are legal?

Now that townships and cities across Michigan are opting in to allow recreational marijuana use, what good does a medical marijuana card do anyway? 

The answer: plenty!

First off, while many Michigan townships and local municipalities have opted in for medical use, NOT many have opted in for recreational use – meaning a medical card is the only way to legally purchase marijuana in many areas of the State. When you have your medical card, you have peace of mind knowing that you have access to medical provisioning centers wherever you happen to be in the State, whether recreational sales are available nearby or not.

Second, medical cannabis takes higher priority with the State in terms of distribution … so while sales of specific strains may be limited or in shortage for recreational users, the same may not be true for medicinal users! That means, with a medical card, you’re more likely to find the strains you want available when you want them, because making sure medicinal marijuana needs are met takes precedence over recreational-use product.

Next, while recreational products are available to anyone over 21, the State requires a 10% excise tax for recreational use – meaning people with medical cards can save more than enough to pay for their card (which currently costs $40 every two years) just in lower product costs. In fact, annual medical marijuana purchases as low as $220 can save enough to pay the annual cost of your medical card!

Finally, medical cardholders have more generous limits on products  than recreational users. With edibles, for example, medical cardholders can purchase 200 mg candy bars, while recreational users are limited to 100 mg. With capsules and tinctures, medical patients can purchase up to 2000 mg per bottle, while recreational buyers are limited to 200 mg per bottle – just 1/10 the potency. So your medical card gives you access to higher potency than what’s available to people who don’t have a medical card. 

Easier accessibility. Priority availability. No recreational use excise taxes. And access to higher potency available to medical marijuana cardholders … four great reasons to keep your medical card if you have one, or to get your card if you don’t!

For more information about how the Marijuana Regulatory Agency is making it easier to get your medical marijuana card during COVID-19, please click here.

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