This Memorial Day, like many other events so far in 2020, isn’t going to be a traditional one. 

Gone are the blocked-off streets teaming with honor guards and marching bands, parade routes lined with flag-waving children scrambling for tossed candies, the first backyard barbeques or cozy family day trips of the year …

Memorial Day, like many other holidays, is different this year. And maybe, that’s a good thing …

Because instead of focusing on the fun to be had on our rare Monday off, this year we can slow down enough to remember what Memorial Day really signifies: the gratitude of a nation coming together to honor and remember those who gave their lives for our country. 

While never a “happy” occasion, Memorial Day has always given America the chance to be grateful that we live in a nation built on such strong values, principles, and ideals that others were willing to lay down their lives to protect and defend them. 

So in 2020’s “new normal”, without our traditional Memorial Day plans, this year we can reflect and remember: 

Many sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Many didn’t come home to the country they loved enough to defend. 

Many families were changed forever by loved ones who left for military service and never returned.

Those family losses – like our nation’s – are permanent, and irreversible. Memorial Day is about our nation’s call to remember: there is no way we can pay our fallen heroes back.


This year, Compassionate Care By Design is paying it forward by donating 5% of all our Memorial Day weekend sales to Snowball Express, a program of the Gary Sinise Foundation designed to help children with a parent who left to serve in America’s military, and never came home. The program provides a sense of safety, community, strength, support, hope, and lifelong friendships to the kids our fallen heroes left behind … no matter where those children are in their grieving process. 

Snowball Express is one program among many initiated by the Gary Sinise Foundation, a non-profit funded by the generosity of personal and corporate contributors to provide help, resources, relief and support to our military heroes and their families.

We do have some great special offers running Memorial Day weekend to make it easier for you to help us pay it forward through the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Snowball Express program. For details, please click here.

Whether you purchase or not, please consider making a contribution to this or other Gary Sinise Foundation programs this Memorial Day in honor of those who have given this country everything it was possible to give … perhaps in honor of a fallen loved one of your own.

And most importantly, over this particular Memorial Day weekend, please take a few moments to remember those honorable principles upon which our nation was built, and to be grateful for the freedoms that our fallen heroes have left as a legacy for us all … even now.  

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to remember. 

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