Why the end of Governor Whitmer’s emergency powers doesn’t mean the end of COVID precautions.

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Providing a clean, healthy, and safe environment for our clients and staff has always been a priority for us here at CCBD. So when the pandemic hit Michigan this past March, we quickly implemented the precautions outlined in the emergency orders from Governor Whitmer designed to protect public health and safety. 

We redoubled our efforts in all our stores – cleaning, sanitizing, masking, social distancing, and health screening staff before each shift for the health and safety of clients and staff alike (for full details on our health and safety practices, click here).

Even with the recent ruling and process changes, we continue to stay focused on doing all we can to protect our customers and staff. In part, because we fully expect the State health department to keep many of the same policies in place as COVID cases are still being reported in Michigan. But mainly because we want to do all we can to protect our clients’ and staff’s health and safety during an active pandemic. 

At CCBD, we’re committed to being part of the solution, so we introduced things like our touchless transaction Drive Thru, which opened in June to provide easy access to the medications our patients need, without requiring them to get out of their vehicles. As of September 24th, the safety and convenience of our Drive Thru service also became available for our recreational clients!

Drive Thru ordering is done online or over the phone from the comfort of the client’s own home, and the Drive Thru’s extension drawer provides no-contact safety between customer and staff at pick up (we always enjoy seeing your smiling faces through the window!).


We continue to look out for client and staff health and safety in other ways, including:

  • Curbside pickup.
  • Free home delivery for medical patients. 
  • Low-cost home delivery for recreational clients. 
  • Expanded delivery days for both Med and Rec.
  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer for store visitors. 
  • Enforcing social distancing.

The Drive Thru is one more way we’re demonstrating our commitment to health and safety practices that put customer and staff well-being first. And that’s a company-wide cultural value that isn’t going to go away. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay safe!  

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