By: Molly Muhs

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there’s no better time to talk about cannabis and sex. While this is not a new concept by any means, scientific research is (unsurprisingly) limited and oftentimes contradicting. The ancient Chinese considered cannabis to be an aphrodisiac and free lovin’ hippies certainly seemed to be in agreeance. Read on to learn more about how cannabis can impact our sexual experiences.

Cannabis, specifically THC, can have profound effects on our mood. CB1 receptors in our brain naturally work to regulate our mood, among many other functions, and THC is able to directly activate these receptors. A slight increase in activation of CB1 receptors can result in a variety of positive feelings, including happiness, tranquility, and euphoria – all of which can enhance a sexual experience. Unfortunately, too much THC can have the opposite effect and leave you feeling anxious, foggy, and uncomfortable. For best results, take it low and slow with a familiar product. Getting too high can ruin the mood and deplete your desire.

Physical touch may feel different when you are high because the skin contains cannabinoid receptors as well. CB2 receptors are more prominent in our peripheral nervous system and may be the reason for increased sensitivity to touch following cannabis consumption. Researchers have been able to identify where these receptors are but still have little information on how they are actually activated. Either way, an increased sensitivity to touch can lead to a more intense sexual experience. Topical oils and lotions can provide some of the same effects but without the high. An infused massage can relax muscles and may increase sensitivity leading to a more pleasurable experience. A cannabis infused back massage would likely be a welcomed surprise for your sweetheart this Valentine’s day. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, a cannabis infused personal lubricant can be used to replace typical pleasure-controlling lubricants without the icy-hot effect. If you choose to experiment with topicals or lubricants, be sure to allow 15-20 minutes for the products to take full effect.

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