As the State of Michigan issues provisioning center guidelines to provide safe access for medical marijuana patients, Compassionate Care By Design is extending its licensed delivery service for free throughout Southwest Michigan, Founder Kristen Bearup announced today. 

“It’s imperative that patients have continual, convenient access to their medications while also reducing their risk of contracting the virus,” Bearup said when making the announcement. 

“Patients who are at high risk for complications from the virus are being encouraged to stay home. So expanding our delivery service for free to all our clients is a natural fit for us to minimize everyone’s risk and to keep our whole community safer.”

Compassionate Care By Design (CCBD) has been providing medical marijuana through its fully-licensed facilities in Kalamazoo since November 2019. 

“It’s a very professionally run facility,” according to Will Bowden, Vice President of Operations for parent company American Fiber, “and we’re pleased to be able to make free delivery available to anyone who has a concern during this health crisis.” 

The State guidelines allow Compassionate Care By Design’s delivery service to be available from all three of the company’s locations, including two in Kalamazoo and its recently-opened provisioning center in Watervliet. 

“We are ready for this,” Bowden continued. “We know how to run safe, secure, professional delivery service, so expanding our offering out of all three centers in response to this climate of concern is a completely natural next step for us.” 

Existing customers can make arrangements for free delivery of their medical marijuana by simply calling their regular CCBD provisioning center or by placing their order through the company’s website (

“We want all medical marijuana patients to continue to have access to the medication they need,” Bearup continued, “so right now, we’re streamlining our processes to make it easier for new patients to also sign up for free delivery from a tested and trusted delivery resource.”

Medical marijuana patients who are new to CCBD are invited to order online, where they’ll be asked to upload their State issued medical marijuana card and Michigan driver’s license. Contact information for delivery will also be collected. 

“The process is very short,” said Bearup, “and once the information is verified, free delivery will be arranged.” 

Compassionate Care By Design will continue to provide free delivery to all patients with a State issued card for as long as the State of Michigan has an active COVID-19 task force. 

“Our patients’ health, and the health of our community, are our utmost concerns during this time,” Bearup added. “We are privileged to be able to provide a safe, trusted delivery service at no charge to those patients who need it, and to all patients who want to help contain the risk of this disease.”

At the same time, Bearup said the provisioning centers don’t want people to feel they have to stay away. 

“Our stores have excellent protocols and voluntarily follow all COVID guidelines for businesses to minimize any potential health risks for both our customers and workers,” Bearup explained, “so patients are welcome to pick up their orders in store, or let us know they’d like curb-side service.” 

“We don’t want people to be scared; we want them to be able to make choices that are best for their own health and situation,” Bearup concluded. “If offering free delivery is one less concern for our community, especially for those who are at risk for more severe complications from COVID-19, we are happy to do it.”

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