Flower Power, Sixties style

Kalamazoo’s first medical provisioning center celebrates rec opening ‘60’s style!

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN July 31 – Compassionate Care by Design
and parent company American Fiber are opening their Sage Street location for adult recreational sales beginning July 31st, local provisioning center founder Kristen Bearup announced today.

“We’re excited to be offering recreational sales,” Bearup says. “We will always support our medical use patients, while recognizing there’s a real need for proven quality cannabis for recreational users here as well.”

Bearup says Compassionate Care By Design has a plan to serve both communities with the same consultative care they’ve provided medical users since they opened in December 2018.

“We’re celebrating our rec use opening with a ‘Flower Power’ theme,” Bearup explains, “because loyal medical patients and casual users alike refer to cannabis as ‘flower’ … and both audiences know the power of cannabis, whether medicinally or purely for fun. So ‘Flower Power’, like our products themselves, fits either audience. Depending on individual needs, people will find the products they’re looking for to achieve what they want to achieve.”

It’s also a great way to acknowledge how much the cannabis business has grown and changed since the original “Flower Power” days of the 60s and 70s, according to American Fiber CEO James Brobyn. “Back then, it was kind of a crazy time,” Brobyn says, “and people didn’t really know what they were getting.

“Now that the industry is coming of age, there’s a whole different science, a new set of testing standards, a whole new regulatory process that ensures clients know what they are purchasing and what the effects are likely to be,” Brobyn adds.

“And that’s a very good thing for medical and recreational consumers alike.”

“There will always be nostalgic affection for some cultural values of the late 60s and early 70s … things like peace and love never go out of style,” Bearup continues. “We see our recreational sales opening as a celebration of the best of those times, combined with the science and knowledge of modern times.

“Now, we can offer Kalamazoo cannabis users the best of both worlds,” Bearup concludes.

Compassionate Care By Design’s Sage Street location is open to anyone 21 and over and has separate areas for medical and recreational clients.

“There are some differences in products and pricing for medical versus recreational use,” Bearup explains, “so keeping separate areas just makes good sense while protecting medical patients’ privacy.”

Both types of clients who shop in-store are asked to come inside and check in at the front desk. In accordance with public health recommendations, clients who aren’t comfortable waiting inside can leave a cell phone number to be called when their appointment is ready.

yellow flowers in the hood of a car In addition, the provisioning center operates in strict compliance with all State health and safety guidelines during the pandemic. A full description of their safety procedures can be found at ccbydesign.com.

For customers who prefer not to come inside, curbside service continues to be available for both medical and recreational users.

Medical users also enjoy free delivery and drive thru service from  Kalamazoo’s first cannabis drive-thru, introduced by Compassionate Care By Design earlier this year. Conveniently located at 4126 Stadium Drive, the facility allows medical cardholders to simply order ahead, pay for and retrieve their order at the drive thru window, and be on their way – without ever having to leave their vehicle.

“It’s another safe, convenient option exclusively for our medical use clients,” explains Bearup, who says the drive thru has been a popular choice for medical patients since it opened in June.

“We are all about client safety, ease, and convenience,” Bearup says. “We’re excited to be able to offer the same superior quality products and exceptional service our medical patients have come to rely on to a whole new recreational clientele.

“We look forward to forming new friendships and strengthening our existing ones.

“And we think both our medical and recreational clients will agree that legal ‘Flower Power’ is definitely worth celebrating!”

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