By: Kirsten Hansen



I work for the CCBD marketing team, and this is my story about interactions I’ve had while using cannabis.  When using cannabis, I would find myself experiencing shakes, which I didn’t think was normal.  At first, I thought it was just my anxiety getting the best of me. When I used to consume cannabis, I needed to move around and focus on my breathing without the distraction of others around me. I would often leave the space that I was in. I would get jittery, twitchy, and uncomfortable. I thought that I was the weird one and just couldn’t smoke. It usually passed and then everything was okay after a bit. But cannabis wasn’t worth it for the time being.

One day, I was curious and did some research. It turns out that many people experience similar feelings I was having. There are plenty of people just like me that want to experience cannabis but struggle because of the onset, involuntary reactions to it. There are many reasons as to why people experience the cannabis shakes. The environment, strain, and stimulants can all affect your reaction to it. 


The environment you’re in can have a lot to do with your reactions to marijuana. In my experience, I am more comfortable when I consume cannabis with people that I enjoy being around. I also have a better time when I am warm and feeling secure. Cannabis can also lower your body temperature, and the shaking can be intensified because of this. Find a place that you are comfortable in, surround yourself with people you like, and get cozy!


Different strains can also cause different effects to your body. A lot of people prefer Indica because it has a more relaxing effect. Some like sativa because it leaves them feeling more active. Depending on how your body reacts to different strains, you could consider venturing out and trying different ones. The amount of CBD in a strain can also mellow out the effects that THC has on your body. Consider trying a 1:1 strain.



Prescription drugs, coffee, nicotine, and alcohol can also come into play when you consume cannabis. All of these things can make you jitter and could change how marijuana affects you. Some people mellow out from these things when they use marijuana; however, I have found that the shakes would intensify for me. I try only to consume when my body is feeling good and I am not overwhelmed.


Although marijuana can be used for relieving anxiety, I have also had my anxiety intensify when smoking. Depending on how you react, consider skipping out when you are feeling anxious. Practice other forms of self-care and then treat yourself when you’re feeling good. You deserve it!


The cannabis shakes luckily go away. Depending on how you consume, they shouldn’t last long at all. Don’t forget to drink water and make sure you are listening to your body. If the shakes persist and you are experiencing prolonged symptoms, check in with your healthcare provider.  This is my story, personal thoughts and experiences, and these are not medical claims.  If you would like to further your studies on the topic, please reach out to a medical professional and do some research of your own.  Everyone reacts differently to the consumption of cannabis, so make sure you use all the information at your disposal to have an enjoyable experience!

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