We know it’s not easy adjusting to the “new normal” under STAY SAFE, STAY HOME! And we know there’s a lot more on your plate now than there was a little over a week ago … (isn’t it hard to believe that’s even possible?). 

But may we suggest? ADDING EVEN MORE!

Here’s why: now that you and your family are hunkered down together, under stressful circumstances and strange new routines (or no routines at all!), it’s super important to make sure YOU take good care of YOU! That means getting plenty of rest, proper hygiene, nutritious foods, exercise, breaks, enriching activities – and making sure you treat yourself to something special every now and then.

And we think making these incredible edibles is the perfect way to do just that! Here’s why:

  • First, it’s a great activity to do during this “downtime”. Many of us are rediscovering our kitchens and pantries, and preparing this recipe with your spouse or partner can bring you closer together.
  • Second, if you’ve never made your own edibles, this is a great time to learn something new!
  •  Third, once you learn how to infuse butter with freshly ground flower (the basis of this recipe), you’re going to think up all kinds of other recipes to use it in – so this could be the start of something big!
  • Finally, you’ve been working really hard – and you really deserve a special treat, don’t you? What better than one that’s custom-made with just the calming or energizing special ingredients you need in force right now? 

Besides, making your own edibles can be easy and fun – and this is a simple first-timer recipe that does a great job hiding the plant/bud flavor for even the pickiest eater. As always, please make sure you store these treats in a secure place out of the reach of any children.


DIY Edible: Fruity Puffed Rice Cereal Treats
By Jamie, Patient Advisor

If this isn’t your first time making your edibles and you already have infused butter (cannabutter) on hand and ready to go, you can skip down to the cereal treats recipe. Otherwise, start right here with how to make cannabutter!

Cannabutter Recipe:

Infusing butter takes very little investment beyond your time and a well stocked kitchen. You will need: 

      • a double boiler or a crock-pot with a low temperature setting 
      • a cheesecloth or old t-shirt (for straining out the plant matter) 
      • butter or ghee (1⁄2 cup) [ghee is clarified butter] 
      • decarboxylated flower, or already vaped bud (AVB).  The amount is going to be based on your personal preference; with that being said, a low dose starter edible ratio is 1⁄2 cup of butter to 1⁄4 ounce of flower (see our previous blog post for help calculating potency).
  1. Finely grind all of your flower and place it in either the double boiler (set burner to low) or in your crockpot set to low with your 1⁄2 cup of butter or ghee AND – optional but suggested – 1 cup of water for the clarification process to help eliminate the “weedy” taste. 
  2. Allow your mixture to simmer for 1-10 hours. FYI, it will smell exactly like you are cooking cannabis (lol). To stir or not to stir is a subject of much debate, but I personally find it makes little to no difference either way. 
  3. Allow your mixture to cool to the touch but not solidify, then strain it through a cheesecloth or an old t-shirt to separate the plant material from the water/butter (making sure to squeeze out every last drop you can!) into a glass/ceramic dish and place it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. This step will separate the butter and the water, once the butter is solidified simply drain off the very green water. If the flavor of cannabis doesn’t bother you, this can be the last step in making your cannabutter; if you’re looking for a “cleaner” taste, proceed to the next step. 
  4. Clarification – take your green butter and place it back in the double boiler or crock-pot on low with an additional cup of water, and allow it to simmer for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the steps above for cooling and separating the butter. Each time you perform the “clarification” process, you’ll notice the butter turns a slightly LESS green in color – I find that after clarifying 3 times, you hit a point of it making an un-noticeable impact.
    Fruity Puffed Rice Cereal Treats Recipe:
      • 1⁄2 cup infused butter or ghee 
      • 6 cups multi-colored mini marshmallows 
      • 8 cups fruity puffed rice cereal 
      • 1 dram candy flavoring (optional, but great for flavor – cherry or strawberry) 
  1. In a large stock pot, add your 1⁄2 cup of infused butter or ghee (you will want to measure because some weight of the cannabutter may have been lost in processing. It’s common to lose up to 1-2 TBSP; if that happened, add enough un-infused butter to make your measurement a full 1⁄2 cup), melt your cannabutter on the lowest heat setting – you only want it to fully melt,  not simmer. 
  2. When your butter has melted, add the full dram of candy flavoring and blend fully into the cannabutter, then slowly add your multi-colored mini marshmallows, stirring them into the butter; they will steadily melt into a thick, sticky liquid. 
  3. When you’ve gotten to this point, add the fruity puffed rice cereal, 2 cups at a time, until the cereal is fully coated. 
  4. Once you’ve achieved a consistent coating, spread the mixture out in a greased 13X9 pan and allow to cool. Voila!
  5. Remember – as always with edibles – start eating slowly. Edibles don’t kick in as fast, but they’re often stronger when they do! So consume a small portion slowly, then wait about 45 minutes to an hour before going back for more. You can always eat more, but you can’t uneat them! So please use common sense in good measure here!

Beyond that, keep them away from the kids, store them properly, and treat yourself well when the stress gets to you or you need a little more energy. Because this is one time when putting more on your plate is actually good for you!

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